Dept. of Health and Human Services Launches Pioneering Mobile App Using Personalized Messages, Gaming to Encourage Healthy Behavior at Work

The project, named Project Boundary , has been conceptualized by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) IDEA Lab and the Office of the National Coordinator. It is a research project undertaken in the spirit of exploring new concepts and ideas in workplace wellness that will benefit the American workplace, and […]

ViTel Net, MGH MD PnP Program Collaborate to Support SmartAmerica Challenge

ViTel Net, a pioneer in the telemedicine/telehealth industry, is joining forces with the MGH MD PnP research program, a leader in developing advanced integrated clinical environments, to support the SmartAmerica Challenge for healthcare, a White House Presidential Innovation Fellow project. On June 11, 2014, 24 teams from more than 100 organizations will […]

Autonomous Technology to be Presented at the SmartAmerica Challenge Summit

Applied Robotics for Installations and Base Operations (ARIBO) will be highlighted at the SmartAmerica Challenge Summit, June 11, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. The summit is a culmination of a challenge aimed at uniting more than 100 organizations who dared to demonstrate the potential benefits of cyber-physical systems […]

Iowa State researchers to demonstrate cyber-physical security testbed for power grid at SmartAmerica Challenge expo

A team led by Manimaran Govindarasu of electrical and computer engineering has developed a realistic platform for power grid security research As cyber threats to the infrastructure of the nation’s electricity transmission grow in numbers and sophistication, so does the technology used to identify vulnerabilities and mitigate these attacks. Link […]

An Open Invitation to the SmartAmerica Challenge

For the past six months, teams participating in the SmartAmerica Challenge have been working hard to build novel applications for cyber-physical systems (CPS), sometimes referred to as the Internet of Things. This involves connecting smart devices and systems among diverse sectors such as energy, health care, and manufacturing in fundamentally new ways. On […]

Cyber-physical systems readied for demos by White House-led team

Computerworld – WASHINGTON – A White House-led effort to show that theInternet of Things can save lives and create jobs is about to put on a big show. A one-day SmartAmerica Expo here on June 11 will showcase pilot projects that demonstrate the potential of the IoT to control physical systems, or what the […]

Distributed Computing Defends Power Grids From Cyberattacks

A team of researchers from around the U.S. is working to protect the U.S. power grid from cyberattacks and address other power grid security concerns as part of the SmartAmerica Challenge, which kicked off in late 2013 to highlight U.S. research in the field of cyberphysical systems. The power grid is […]

UNT researchers develop drone with Wi-Fi signal

A small drone built at the University of North Texas could eventually be the key to improved communications at a major disaster. Two UNT professors, Yan Wan and Shengli Fu, have developed a drone that disperses a Wi-Fi signal that could improve communications for first responders and victims at the center of a disaster. Link to Full […]

US Event Flexes IoT Muscle

More than 100 organizations will demonstrate 24 Internet of Things projects at a June 11 summit in Washington, DC. The event is the culmination of a yearlong Smart America Challenge aimed to show the potential benefits of so-called cyber-physical systems. “We asked people to do some significant work, and if they did, […]

U.S. Government Promoting Development Of The “Internet Of Things”

We keep hearing about the “Internet of Things” (IoT) and wondering how it will impact the physical security industry. It turns out the Federal government is working now to direct development and testing of such systems with an eye toward a variety of future applications. The U.S. government calls such […]

UW building teleoperated robots for disaster response in national challenge

University of Washington electrical engineers have developed telerobotics technology that could make disaster response faster and more efficient. They are working with a team of eight other organizations as part of the SmartAmerica Challenge, an initiative designed by two of this year’s Presidential Innovation Fellows to encourage new technologies that help society in […]

Dogs, Technology & the Future of Disaster Response

Imagine a team of humans, dogs, robots and drones swooping onto the scene in the aftermath of a disaster and working together to find and rescue anyone trapped in collapsed buildings. That’s the goal of a team of researchers from around the United States working on what they call the […]