Research goes to the dogs—and the drones

SCIENCEINSIDER: Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: A cyborg dog, an aerial drone, and a robot walk into a bar and … You haven’t? Okay, so the bar in question was just hit by an earthquake and several patrons are still trapped inside. The local emergency response team dispatches […]

On the Internet of Things, Nobody Knows You’re a Dog

IEEE Spectrum: SmartAmerica Challenge brings things and people together to create a more-connected country What do a dog packing a microprocessor, sensors, and batteries in its harness, a 2-meter-tall robot, and drones have in common? They, along with some 600 humans, attended the SmartAmerica Expo last week at the Walter E. […]

Engineering whiz high school student creates exoskeleton

A Virginia high school junior has taken a step toward making “Iron Man” a reality. Conor Maddry, of Langley High School, started by building a bionic elbow brace for last year’s school science fair. After he took it to the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, he was inspired to […]

Intel, San Jose Leverage Internet of Things in Smart City Project

The chip maker and city are running a six-month pilot program that addresses traffic, air pollution and water quality in San Jose. Intel is working with San Jose, Calif., officials on a pilot program designed to use technology to help improve the operations of the Silicon Valley city and the […]

Project Boundary Uses Mobile App to Track Workplace Wellness

The app sends personalized messages to help workers make healthier choices throughout the day such as choosing nutritious items from the vending machine. Mobile brand management specialist Total Communicator Solutions announced a partnership with the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) IDEA Lab and the Office of the National […]

How Robots and Dogs May One Day Work Together to Save Your Life

Imagine a disaster — an earthquake, say. Cellular signals and Wi-Fi have been wiped out, so first responders deploy hotspot-mounted drones. An app on your phone connects to the emergency network directly or via a daisy chain of nearby devices. You can now report your situation and needs. A command […]

The 3 coolest things we saw at the SmartAmerica Expo

The Internet of Things is so much more than a Google-backed thermostat or a refrigerator that connects to Facebook. The expansive possibilities of IoT were on display Wednesday at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, as the first-ever SmartAmerica Expo showcased 24 projects from more than 100 different public agencies, […]

How the Internet of Things Can Improve Your City

What if your car could detect pedestrians in its path and alert you and the people down the street? What if first responders could use autonomous drones to provide cellphone coverage in a disaster area and help them locate victims? These scenarios are more than hypothetical. Some of the brightest […]

The Internet of government things

In many corners of the tech world, the Internet of things is an abstract concept still in the development stage. The federal government has spent more than $300 million on Internet of things-related research in the last five years, and this week officials hailed it as the next wave of […]

SmartAmerica Challenge: Harnessing the Power of the Internet of Things

A White House Blog: Today the Internet mostly connects people to information. But what kinds of new products and services might be possible if it also connected people and public service agencies to vehicles, medical devices, climate sensors, traffic monitors, water systems, lighting, and more? To help answer that question, […]

The Internet’s Next Big Idea: Connecting People, Information, and Things Cyber-physical systems, also called the Internet of Things, are the next big advance for our use of the web. They allow complex systems of feedback and control that can help a robot coordinate with a dog or human in a search-and-rescue operation or help health care providers evaluate the […]

Let’s Make America’s Things Smarter

The Internet has become boring. It’s basically e-mail, Facebook, and the three other websites we visit regularly: just a bunch of information shot from one computer to the next. Yawn. But imagine a world where it wasn’t just computers exchanging information, but everything: cars, air conditioners, jet engines, blood pressure […]