The full day event held at the Washington DC Convention Center on June 11 included keynote talks from the US CTO and Presidential advisor Todd Park, GSA Administrator Dan Tangherlini and former US CTO Aneesh Chopra. The day also included speakers from government agencies, including DOT, DHS, HHS, DOD, and NSF.   Each team presented a short talk that focused on their collaborative effort and output of creating socio-economic goals of the Challenge (copies of their presentations are linked below). In conjunction with the talks the teams demonstrated their projects. These demonstrations included robotics, autonomous vehicles, UAVs, search dogs, 3D printing, security technology, healthcare systems and advanced vehicle communications.


Welcoming by Geoff Mulligan and Sokwoo Rhee – Introduction to the SmartAmerica Challenge

Session 1

Cyber-Secure Synchrophasor Security Fabric


Applied Robotics for Installation and Base Operations

Session 2 – Richard McKinney – Chief Information Officer, US Department of Transportation


Smart Vehicle Communications  Honda/Audi

South East Michigan Smart Transportation

Smart Cities USA

Session 3

Smart Emergency Response System (SERS)

Smartphone Disaster Mode

Agile Fractal Grid

Smart Shape Technology

Session 4 – Farnam Jahanian, Assistant Director for CISE, National Science Foundation

Smart Power, Smart Light, Made in Detroit

Transactive Energy Management

Smart Rooftops

Enhanced Water Distribution Infrastructure

Keynote Session

                     Dan Tangherlini, Administrator of GSA 

                     SmartAmerica Student Presentation
Winner of the Intel Science Fair SmartAmerica CPS award

                     Todd Park, White House US Chief Technology Officer 

Session 5 – Bryan Sivak – Chief Technology Officer, US Department of Health and Human Services

Closed Loop Healthcare / App Challenge

SCALE: Safe Community Alert Network

Connecting Smart Systems to Optimize Emergency Neurological Life Support

Project Boundary

Session 6 – Aneesh Chopra – Co-Founder & EVP of Hunch Analytics and Former US Chief Technology Officer

Event Management for Smarter Cities

Smart Home/Business Gateway


Smart Manufacturing

Convergence of Smart Home and Building Architecture