XMPP (a.k.a. IoT Service Provisioning)

XMPPConnect multiple test beds within different M2M verticals, to create a secure and flexible infrastructure where things can exchange information. Adapting this model provides a framework for new innovations that will generate employment opportunities as well as a more secure and sustainable planet. The project is about how device owner can enable for multiple service providers to interact with their devices and offer services independently. A telecom operator will enable for device owners and service providers to meet through an open marketplace to exchange access between devices and services. The use case will show how emergency applications can access devices that were installed as a private alarm system. The key for this to happen is openness. We must create a framework that enables for innovations. The world economy can only accelerate when the Internet gives access for the broader arena without lock in methods that governs growths and integrity. The center point for this positive planetary spiral has its lowest point in the base on an interconnected myriad of things. Internet has been part of our lives for more then three decades, now the poles are going change, Internet is no longer part of our lives we are part of Internet. Until now major companies own our data, in other words they own our connected DNA. When someone is in control of such possession they are able to control our life. The more things we connect to the Internet, the more data is available to track and predict our next move. Before it is too late we must reclaim our connected identity, but not limit the availability for innovations to be created. When we are in control of our data, we can begin to share, and innovations can be created for the new economy.

Team Members

  • Rikard Strid, Clayster
  • Toomas Kärner, TeliaSonera
  • Magnus Åkerskog, KTC
  • Christoffer Börjesson, KTC
  • William Miller, MaCT USA
  • Jonny Jarl, Weevio
  • Priit Vimberg, Yoga
  • Henrik Svedlund, Manodo
  • Joachim Lindborg, SUST
  • Örjan Mattsson, Swedish ICT
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