Transactive Energy Management

Transactive Energy ManagementThe electricity system continues to transform from a centrally supplied and managed infrastructure to a highly distributed system with an increasing variety of distributed supply, storage and responsive demand assets. Among the many challenges that must be addressed in this evolving electricity system is the ability to make optimal use of these distributed energy resources (DER) to meet both business and operational objectives for the various organizations that are part of the electricity supply chain. Transactive Energy Management (TEM) is a methodology that has been emerging over the past decade to help address this challenge through the use of economic signals that incorporate the valuation of both business and operational objectives and constraints along the paths of electricity delivery to create a control signal that reflects the dynamically changing system requirements at a fine-grained nodal level.

Benefits include making optimal use of distributed energy resources (DER) to meet both business and operational objectives, improving the reliability and efficiency of the electric system, and reducing requirement for spinning reserve to balance renewable intermittency to drive energy efficiency, empower consumers and create jobs associated with TEM innovation and production.

Team Members

  • Ed Davalos, AT&T
  • Ron Ambrosio, IBM
  • Mobeen Kahn – AT&T
  • Chris Frosk – AT&T
  • John Krachenfels – AT&T
  • Sylvester Freeman – AT&T
  • William Bradee – AT&T
  • Mark Yao – IBM
  • Mike Alexander – IBM
  • John Cohn – IBM
  • Sharon Johnson – IBM
  • Angela Russell – IBM
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