Smart Rooftop

Smart RooftopHeating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) consumes up to 40% of commercial buildings’ energy. Daikin is supplementing their DoE energy efficiency award-winning rooftop units (RTU) with an advanced energy sensor and intelligent wireless gateway from Intel, attached to each HVAC RTU for buildings on a given campus. The sensor data is used to monitor and control the HVAC energy consumption and operational control signals. This data is compressed, encrypted and periodically uploaded for remote, cloud analytics. Energy consumption, frequency drift, end point voltage, and failure detection or prediction are tracked and analyzed by these cloud services.

In addition to improving the operational energy efficiency of individual HVAC units, the promise exists to establish a local area network among the fleet of HVAC units on campus to aggregate their collective energy consumption into a Demand Response event, and to intelligently time-slice power-hungry unit turn-on events to avoid peak power overruns.Moreover, this has created the opportunity to expand a durable-goods manufacturing business into a services business that creates jobs, and provides economic growth, as well as, creating energy savings and demand-response energy market revenues to the customer. This solution will be demonstrated to show how data can drive intelligent decisions to save energy.

  • Sector: Energy / Commercial Buildings
  • Scope: IoT sensing and big data analytics for RTUs. Managing fleet of RTUs for energy efficiency, grid stability; creating new service business and jobs
  • Location: MN / AZ
  • Participants: Diakin Applied, Intel Corporation, Cap Gemini, Eurotech USA
  • Timeline: In Customer trials; testbed ongoing w/ broad deployment expected in 2H’14
  • Deployment: US then Americas, Europe & Japan
  • Stage: Final R&D moving to deployment
  • Status: Demonstrated Publicly in Q1 2014; In customer field trials
  • Takeaway: IoT turns HVAC sales into Services Business

Team Members

  • Guy Allee, Intel
  • Tomm Aldridge, Intel Corporation
  • Scott Shull, Intel Corporation
  • Kevin Facinelli, Diaken Applied
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