Smart Power, Smart Light, Made in Detroit

Two Detroit-based technology start-ups, Nextek Power Systems and TOGGLED, have developed a modular, scalable low voltage power and lighting system that allows facility managers to rewire and move lights as building needs change – more safely and cost effectively than conventional systems.

The system also features a dashboard that integrates with existing building management systems, allowing building owners to remotely access and manage a low voltage power distribution system, efficient LED lighting, daylighting controls, motion controls. This system was tested and demonstrated at the NextEnergy Center, a living lab for cyber-physical systems across energy, transportation, and buildings in Detroit. The power and lighting system will be installed at the Chrysler House, a Bedrock Real Estate Services property in Detroit. Bedrock owns and manages seven million square feet of commercial real estate in Detroit and is a major driver in the city’s revitalization.

The goal of the project is to validate energy savings, flexible configuration and improved cash flow in a commercial building, providing proof points for scale-up opportunities that may lead to additional projects. Nextek and TOGGLED employs over 40 people to design, engineer and manufacture the low voltage power systems and LED lights in Metro Detroit. As this technology scales, there is potential to create more than $12 million in manufacturing activity and $5 million in wages in Detroit over the next three to five years. The demonstration supports Detroit revitalization by leveraging local talent in the fields of software, design and engineering to create intellectual property and manufacture high-tech solutions in Detroit that can benefit building owners globally.


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