Project Boundary

Project Boundary has its roots as a design activity initiated by the IDEA Lab’s IIR and PIF, along with the innovators at Federal Occupational Health in order to help develop an improved wellness solution to address the needs of their federal clients. The initial pilot will take place at Health and Human Services’ Humphrey Building, as one of the first gameified workplaces in America. Today’s corporate wellness platforms tend to center largely around health portals, and wellness services to enable the employees to adopt and maintain activities that are beneficial to their health. However, these programs in large part have not been able to engage users as strongly or as effectively as they might want to, and corporate wellness often does not tend to register high on an employees radar, when they think about their own health and wellness in the workplace. Our project is an exploration of the following design intent – how might we better engage users within the bounds of where they are, and what they do over the course of a regular day at work, and get them to do just a little bit more towards benefiting their health. A boundary is defined as a dividing line, we think of this line as an area of activity and engagement. The deployed beacons will create a virtual indoor environment that promotes healthy behaviors, notifications, and timely messages for improved quality of life.

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