Cyber Secure Synchrophasor Security Fabric

CyberSecureMcAfee, an Intel Company, recognizes the importance of extending traditional IT security as Cyber-Security for Cyber-Physical systems and Critical Infrastructure. We have led the industry to create a Security Fabric Framework and have implemented it for a Smart Grid Testbed, focusing initially on Synchrophasors to improve the control, security and robustness of the electric grid. Thus the synchrophasors that protect US citizens from blackouts is in turn protected from cyber-attacks.

The framework relies on three capabilities: 1) Hardened servers, gateways and end points, 2) Securing every node connection and data transmission, and 3) Capturing, correlating, managing all security events for panoramic visualization, rapid analysis, and decisive action.The benefits include integrated embedded security for the Internet of Things (IoT), trusted connectivity with machine-to-machine (M2M) identity management, and cloud-based real-time analytics for comprehensively monitored & managed synchrophasor systems. Moreover, beyond this application in the Smart Grid domain, the security framework is a general capability that scales to all Critical Infrastructure.The testbed participants include the Center for the Commercialization of Electric Technologies (CCET), Electric Power Group (EPG), ERCOT, ONCOR, Sharyland, AEP, Texas Tech University, National Instruments, Intel, McAfee, and Wind River. National Instruments, Intel, McAfee, and Wind River will be demonstrating the Synchrophasor network and how it responds to a cyber-attack. * Sector: Energy / Critical Infrastructure

  • Scope: Synchrophasor network cyber-security; extensible to all critical infrastructure applications
  • Location: TX / CA
  • Timeline: Pilot Q4’13
  • Stage: Research on existing Testbed
  • Status: In use
  • Takeaway: Cyber-Security Bubble-Wrap for all IoT Apps

Team Contact

  • Guy Allee, Intel
  • Intel / Wind River / McAfee
  • Center for the Commercialization of Electric Technologies (CCET)
  • Electric Power Group (EPG)
  • Sharyland
  • AEP
  • National Instruments
  • Texas Tech University
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